sunset-company-photo-wrigley-webWelcome to Unfiltered: The Blog of Sunset Healthcare Solutions. If you don’t know us, we are one of the fastest growing medical device manufacturers in the country and we specialize in respiratory replaceable products like filters, masks and tubing for people on CPAP or oxygen therapy.

Our goal with the Unfiltered blog is to create a database of helpful product information and to give our visitors the opportunity to interact with us and take a look inside our company walls. We are lucky to have a bunch of smart, passionate people doing incredible things in areas like production, marketing, sales, quality and product development. We’ll use this blog to share some of those cool things going on around here.

We want to build a personal relationship with you and we want you to have a forum to interact with one another so we encourage your participation. Please join the conversation by leaving questions, comments, feedback and suggestions.

If you stumbled upon this site by accident and were looking for our regular web site, SunsetHCS.com, this link will take you there: www.SunsetHCS.com. If you are trying to reach our sales or customer service teams, please use one of the means listed on our Contact Page or call us at 877-578-6738.

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